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We lie in the dark I know you're awake The only sounds are the sounds this old house makes But, Oh, how I long, I long to hear your voice Desperate to talk, yearning to touch Burning inside 'cause I want you so much So I say I need you and leave you no choice Chorus: You lie you don't want to hurt me So you lie, buy a little time, and I go along What else can I do, maybe it's wrong But you know how much I love you So you lie 'til you can find a way to say goodbye You lie How long until you just can't go on And the urge to break loose is just too strong You should let go that's what you want to do Oh but you don't know, you don't know If it's the right thing to do Chorus versurile cuvintele versuri versuri album. Muzica asculta cuvinte Reba McEntire melodia versurile piesa muzica straina You Lie.

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