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Hmmmmmmmm Well, well, well, well [Chorus] These walls are closin' in How long I'm supposed to grin I lost my will to win Forgive my sin, hmmmmmmmmmm These walls are closin' in How long I'm supposed to grin I lost my will to win Forgive my sin, hmmmmmmmmmm As darkness approaches And I'm fumbling through the blunt roaches Its looking hopeless, totally unfocused Stumbling onto the front porch Poasty with my closest associates We were so broke Though a couple of us had sold dope Still humble enough to be po' folk We coming up to be grown folk Ain't dumb enough to be slow poke Though the hours of death they grow close So we give our lives to the utmost, Plus Here's an extra point Visualize the gold post No we not eating duck roast But we live our lives to the utmost, Cause Those pressure points Are the corners we cut close Turn most civilized Yaggers to cutthroats And it's these men they send up state by truck load And hurl 'em in to the pin like buffalos I'm saying [Chorus] The game was sold, not told to me Heartache won't let go of me Games say that I'll live and lie But I'll trrrrryyyyy Every which way tell you the angles I done tossed and turned Hit and missed Pissed cause of that didn't amount to this Getting it ain't got a damn thing to do with keeping shit Working damn hard to get it Plans and not parting with it Life got a way of showing you shit you can't barely see Tough keeping close Setting sail through a sea of g's Something should this night I lay me down to sleep Wasn't happy with my friend Pray the lord my soul to keep [Chorus] I'm 'bout 3000 miles from Graceland By the county from Macon But you would think I'm arm reach from Satan I got a strange way of telling the truth Most felons do stuff between Hearin your story and telling it too Stuck between nom and feelin it Right between calm and militant On the search for deliverance Im three days from beatin my case at the arraignment This shits basic Get the (?) get the statement [R. Prophit] Part with the heart of a soldier Right now I'm stuck behind bars with daddy told ya I chose to march with martin carryin posters They lock me down, but they usually hang us folks up We so tough, white man trying to control us And mold us, simulate our cultures, they doped us Hell naw I'm stayin focused I won't corrupt with evil Forever fightin for my people, equal Fight for you rights These walls are closing in How long I'm supposed to grin I lost my will to win Forgive my sin.. Ladies and gentlemen I have some very sad news for all of you Could you lower those sings please? Martin Luther King was shot and was killed tonight..

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