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*sample is cut up* Please baby, please don't leave [R. Prophit] We rappers in the slums.. alright.. Let's get this motherfucker crunkin from Kentucky to Baghdad Ya pops was always gone but that didn't make him a bad dad We still managed to eat, and come to think wattn't half bad But Doug was always humerous bout the things they would never have Now I was born in Oakland better known as the Cold Town Done seen too many folk down, some put the soul down Done heard my momma cryin if I knew what I know now I'd pro'ly have to greet the party room with the fo' pound I'm tryna keep my head on straight to keep me from catchin in case I feel my insides burnin, musta swallowed all twenty-eight I'm drinkin milk with magnesium, but still I ain't feelin straight Some mo' had murdered my granddad over real-estate [Hook: R. Prophit w/ sample playing in background] Rappers in the slums... rappers in the slums... Rappers in the slums... aww, aww, aww, aww... Rappers in the slums... rappers in the slums... Rappers in the slums... aww, aww, aww, aww... [Big V] Puffy, if I put it out - sucky, if I pull it out Ohh me, ya better kick it out, or ya livin in a haunted house Ran how you tried to run, came how you tried to come Did what you couldn't do, difference between me and you Slum for a while now, country for a lifetime Cool is what I choose to be, but that ain't what I used to be Muddy waters couldn't drown a nigga, bloodhounds on the trail for real Shakin up this rap shit, givin niggaz hell for real Turn a hold the dog deal, mucus and you hearin right National Geographic ain't, fuckin with this wildlife Hissin; I'm finna strike, rattlin; I'm finna bite Hell with a blue light, fuckin with no rooms tonight! [Hook] - 2X [Scales] Now once again, you see me layin down the law These cowards tryna catch me like my hustle gotta fall Bitch I'm Southern bred That's where you break it down to raw and then you flush the rest I said you break it down to raw and then you flush the rest And I ain't playin witcha'll haters since y'all fucked up my order Got me playin with a gram, coulda been up to a quarter Now my cousin, called me up and said he finally did it Graduated from a handheld, to primary digits Cuz in the slums we don't work we just grind and gamble Guarunteed I got that shit, niggaz dyin to sample Now whattchu know about that work from the states of Georgia Cook so thick, collard, grits and water (we in the slums!) [Hook] descarca versuri versurile melodiei muzica straina muzica cuvinte Slums descarca cuvinte. versuri muzica versurile versurile Nappy Roots piesa.

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