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Versuri These Important Years

Well, you get up every morning And you see, it's still the same All the floors and all the walls And all the rest remains Nothing changes fast enough The hurry, worry days It makes you want to give it up And drift into a haze Revelations seems to be another way To make the days go faster anyways We're all exchanging pleasantries No matter how we feel And no one knows the difference 'Cause it all seems so unreal You'd better grab a hold of something Simple but it's true If you don't stop to smell the roses now They might end up on you Expectations only mean you really think you know What's coming next, and you don't Yearbooks with their autographs From friends you might have had These are your important years You'd better make them last Falling in and out of love just like... These are your important years, your life Once you've seen the light, you finally Realize it might end up all right It might end up all right now

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