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Versuri 59 Times The Pain

The most intense of burning hells Blasting expectations into smithereens Never feeling normal, can't accept the truth Resign myself to hating it, I hate it all Can't say that I don't like it Because the words won't come out right All I feel is bitter, and it won't make it better 59 times the pain, I could never be like you 59 times the pain, I could never be like you 59 times the pain Never figured out eating 3 meals a day When the people sit in their broken-down homes Look at the photos from different eras gone by Shows the changes, and I hate them all Don't want to live with myself Can't live with what goes on All I see is the humiliation I wish it was gone cuvinte muzica straina versurile versuri. Melodia muzica versuri versurile cantece cantece melodia cantece cuvinte cantece muzica Hüsker Dü 59 Times The Pain.

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