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Versuri Then She Said

I saw her in one of those cafe houses Being myself so near And thought never that nice things hurt And all ended here Click, click, click said the man I remember him so well He said come on, you got to be careful Cause her heaven could be your hell Then she said....then she said And I dream that she someday might come back P.S. are her initials and Sometimes they gonna make me cry But I don't believe that this is the reason That I sing P.S. goodbye 5,6,7,8,9,10 this is o.k.with me And I cry later then And I don't believe that all colours are gone Cause the rest is grey and this is better than none Then she said..... then she said And I dream that she someday might come back Then she said She said rock'n roll is really dead Then she said You're never leaving this head

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