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THE NEW TIMER Lyrics He rode the rails since the Great Depression Fifty years out on the skids He said 'You don't cross nobody You'll be all right out here kid.' Left my family in Pennsylvania Searchin' for work I hit the road I met Frank in East Texas In a freight yard blown thru with snow From New Mexico to Colorado California to the sea Frank he showed me the ropes sir=20 Just till I could get back on my feet I hoed sugar beets outside of Firebaugh I picked the peaches from the Marysville trees They bunked us in a barn just like animals Me and a hundred others just like me We split up come the springtime I never seen Frank again 'Cept one rainy night he blew by me on a grainer Shouted my name and disappeared in the rain and wind They found him shot dead outside of Stockton His body lyin' on a muddy hill Nothin' taken nothin' stolen Somebody killin' just to kill Late that summer was rollin' thru the plains of Texas A vision passed before my eyes A small house sittin' trackside With the glow of the savior's beautiful light A woman stood cookin' in the kitchen Kid sat at a table with his old man Now I wonder does my son miss me Does he wonder where I am Tonight I pick my campsite carefully Outside the Sacramento yard Gather some wood and light a fire In the early winter dark Wind whistling cold I pull my coat around me Heat some coffee and stare out into the black night I lie awake I lie awake sir With my machete by my side My Jesus your gracious love and mercy Tonight I'm sorry could not fill my heart Like one good rifle And the name of who I ought to kill

The new timer descarca Rock asculta cantece cantece versurile album. Muzica cuvinte Bruce Springsteen muzica straina melodiei versuri versuri muzica.

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