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MARIE Lyrics Marie, she comes to me in the twilight When the wind blows down across the river So cold, the fishermen cry She rapes me in a rage of rainbow violence Till my bare nerves, they sing Like the strings of a violin And the room seeps into a savage silence Soaked in colours, red as blood, blue as night And Marie she skins me alive Carves her initials in my side Lures me with her purrs and cuts me with her knife And the horses pound like thunder They bolt like lightning on her range She feels she's going under and she zeros in the rein She's so strange Well, Marie, you know, she's the queen of all the stallions And I'm her prince of mules And one of her principal fools Marie, she's got the claws of a falcon And she's perched on my shoulder, and slowly digging in But she, oh she can be so strange sometimes Like at night ... Or when the neighbors come to dine Marie, she skins me alive Burns her initials in my hide and then leaves me all alone Branded to the bone And my heart pounds like her horses Oh, stampeding on the range Marie knows all the sources And she shoots me with her pain And for her, I take it, Lord, down in my veins And I watch her dance like some berserk fairy All across the concrete prairies of Bleecker Street Marie, she can be so strangeBut she's the only lonely cowgirl on my range

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