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Fats Waller on my stereo raisin' hell And the TV's got the sound turned down but I see William Powell And he's got Myrna Loy in a fond embrace And I know she's not acting by the smile on her face The undead The undead They fill my head Bix Beiderbecke stayed high as long as he could score He wanted to play less cornet but the fans wanted more So he hid away in a cheap motel And he played his piano in both heaven and in hell The undead The undead They keep me fed James Whale would not hide the fact that he liked boys He worked at Universal in the 30s making noise Horror films with black humor and grace And when he checked himself out he left a note behind in case...we might forget versurile descarca muzica straina Graveblankets. Album ultima melodie mp3 cantece versuri The Undead piesa muzica cuvintele mp3 versuri album cuvinte album.

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