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Versuri I Had To Do It

I had to do it, I had to do it I had no choice I had to do it, what would I tell my boy? I had to do it, I haven't found work since June There's food and the medicine and Christmas is coming soon. I had to do it. Now don't you start talking about morality You'll only start me thinkin' about my mortality 'cause it's so easy to judge me when you don't really think much of me and you've all got plenty of money I had to do it, I already made the plan I had to do it, I hired every man In my opinion crime is a sacred cow Should I wait forever or take my compensation now? I had to do it. Now everything was goin' so smoothly til I figured out the crew I hired were just using me so I gave them the slip and I unbuttoned my lip cause I know when to quit I can't undo what I've done but if I'm good could I please see my son? I had to do it, I walked away with just some scars I had to do it, I'm safer behind bars The crew are resting they're all taking the big sleep A promise is something you should always keep I had to do it

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