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Suffer a life of pain I have lived a death of pain I will give My victims I chose with ease The people I feel are the disease So now the time has come And now your time has done The chambers I am now preparing To witness al of your suffering Ripping Carving Shredding Burning Stretching Tearing Stabbing Slashing Severing Gouging Tasting Your Flesh Torment you lie in pain your flesh I carve away anguish I carve more your blood I will spill agony as you rot in hell in you pain I will dwell slaughterde carnal toast your life now has seased Thoughts of death enter your brain for your God you now pray no release from your pain your mind decays Your flesh and veins carved away with presition so to save all to keep none to waste your flesh decays Your mind decays Torture Your Mind For Your Soul Your Flesh For Your Soul Your Bones For Your Soul I can't wait to experience and take your soul Through you flesh and your mind I will roar I can't wait to taste and savor your flesh To watch while your blood spills from your chest I can't wait to cause your death Crawl right in and take your breath I can't wait to feel your pain And witness all of your SUFFERING

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