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Versuri Infection Of Death

There comes a time in everyones life where they dwell in death for some of escape the grip is what they seek for others, it's what they seek Deep in my mind and flowing through me is a plague that some can't see to blame it on your musik is quite absurd when it's brought on by your society Infection spreading through my mind turning my brain to pus confusion comes so easily infection of death I can't deny To kill myself would it solve anything to foght this infection is it worth it to me the confusion I face everyday may be beyond comprehention because of the life you lead Condemn us and say it's help torment for our good cut our freedoms down protest with what you differ Challanged against everything in which we beleave trapped in your society which tries to deceive with an infection of death spreading through me but one day our power will rise above thee

Versurile asculta album ultima melodie. Versuri Infection Of Death muzica straina cantece muzica cantece versuri album album album Baphomet versurile.

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