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Oh baby My lady You like what you're hearin' baby What's going on I've seen you around my way A couple times You must have just moved around The way right I see all the fellows have been Pressing you for your number I'd like to get to know you, so um.... Maybe we can spend some time and Talk on the phone or something I can think of many ways to say I love you And with those many ways there comes A time For me to say I'll put no girls Before you So pretty lady make up your mind Girl you look surprised I've got conversation Cause you ain't checkin' For the kids swing with no Girl can't we please Get past impressions Cause what I feel for you I swear is legit Your girls tell you watch him He's an entertainer (entertainer) They say I'll hurt you and Break your heart (Your heart, your heart, but they) But they don't now well well Just what I'm feelin' >From the first time I saw you I loved you from the very start Chorus I saw you 'rounnd my way And I had to meet you But I've got to let you know I'm just somebody (somebody) (Who wants 2 care) who wants 2 care for you With lots of love and patience (For you yeah, yeah, yeah) Sp please understand Why I'm taking my time I'm fallin' deeper and deeper and deeper (Deeper, deeper, deeper) yeah baby And I'm so glad We had this conversation Because girl, when it comes to you There's no confusion (Baby I ain't confused) And I can't get it in your head (no) And I'm having a fit Chorus (Young lady) young lady I miss you in my life (yeah) I'm on a mission Just to please you right (Oh yeah) (Sweet lady) sweet sweet lady Thought of no you cuts Just like a knife (Thought of no you cuts Just like a knife) (Girl I've learned) Girl I've learned my lesson No we can't let others in Misery loves some company They don't see it's from within It's you for me and Me for you But first we must be friends (yeah) I'll keep my love comin' and comin' and Comin' babe Girl we can win Oh yeah

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