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Oh ooh yeah ah oh yeah La La La La La La La Smile again Just smile again I'll always be there for you What can I do to make you smile again Just smile again I'd like to know what's on your mind Because I see you crying all the time I don't understand Who'd wanna hurt your heart like this and Cause you so much pain Here's my shoulder You can lean on me I wanna see you happy (I want to see you happy Why not just let me make you smile again) Chorus Just wanna see you smile How I can ease the pain you feel What can I do to take the tears away Baby talk to me You say he's hurt you many times But now that's over let me take his place Your problems I'll erase You need someone that you can depend on To brighten up every day (every day) oh yeah I am the one that you been searchin' for And all you have to do is Smile again for me yeah (Smile again for me) Let me be the one Let me be the one to make you smile Smile again Just smile again Let me love you I can show you Just what it means to me Please smile for me

Usher melodia ultima melodie cantece. Piesa Smile Again ultima melodie cantece Hip-hop ultima melodie asculta versuri muzica straina versuri piesa melodiei.

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