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Take it from the man that does it real smooth All that, Yo baby yo baby, it's.. it's-it's-it's not the move You gotta treat em with respect, never neglect Try to protect, most of all, project some intellect Present yourself all proper is important if you truly do want her So be a gentlemen, and be in her corner Make her feel like the most For example -- forget Goodfellas, and take her to see Ghost Wine and dine under candlelight Make the mood right tonight while the stars are bright Then hop in the hot tub and start to rub her on her back Tssssh, yeah they like that Satisfaction guaranteed We gotta give the woman what she need These days, they don't be fallin for no phony Casanova since they started watchin Oprah So even if it's not your style Open the door for them once in a while Even buyin them some flowers don't hurt Yeah it sounds old fashioned.. but it works! Conversation, good communication only makes things better in a relation Cause if you keep watchin the game every week You might find out your wife's gettin dunked by Dominique And that can be so upsettin So try a little Tenderness like Otis Redding Put the gangster approach on pause and I dedicate this to you and yours This is for the lover in you The lover in you, babe, the lover in you (2X) Now, what I'm gonna do to keep the flame warm is sing a better love song than Jeffery Osborne Serenade a double, what I mean is a couple that might wanna hug and snuggle and then kiss and say I love you Cause I think it's best to get a little affectionate Matter of fact fellas, I would suggest you give your woman the treatment of a queen and supply her with some of that Babyface routine, know what I mean? T-E-N-D-E-R L-O-V-I-N-G C-A-R-E You figure that out, and keep it in mind While I bring the chorus back for ya one more time This is for the lover in you The lover in you, babe, the lover in you (2X) (One two three!) I wanna do somethin freaky to you Take you to a level that you never been to Cause no one knows where the nose goes when the doors close, so take off your pantyhose I wanna see you moan and groan as I nibble on your bodily parts as I proceed to jump your bones And put your feet up here my dear So I can lick upon your toes until your Revlon dissapear The passion between will be so incredible as I prove that a woman is edible So if you're game for havin a ball Ladies, I send this out to y'all This is for the lover in you The lover in you, babe, the lover in you (2X) This is for the lover in you The lover in you, babe, the lover in you (2X) This is for the lover in you..

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