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[Kane] Swing, you get up and dance and do your own thing Cause I got the groove to make your eardrums ring and I bring this, to all the party people that demand most Funky as Parliament, smooth as Luther Vandross I wouldn't present myself to you as somethin that sound nervous You want it to be live, so here it is at your service The B the I the G the D-A-double-D-Y And when it comes to rippin the mic, oh my oh my oh my I guarantee you by time I'm through You gotta give me more props than a Motown Revue And if you thinkin this groove would ever come to an end Hah, not from a hair off my chinny chin chin Chorus: repeat 2X For you to groove with it you've got to move with it Here's what you do with it Now it's on you, kick it [Kane] Don't ya don't ya don't ya don't ya want to feel jubilation, a musical vibration Instead of the feel of paranoia Thinkin to ride or break out and someone'll floor ya Good grief, another beef at a concert The rappers are gettin a rep behind the people that's gettin hurt The way the fights at the shows are happenin you might as well let Mike Tyson start rappin You see we have to realize the main factor is to have peace and let the violence cease So don't throw your fists up, unless you're gonna pump em in the air, and scream oh yeah, youknowhatI'msayin? Chorus [Kane] Check the lyrics that's flowin right over the tongue like a machete My silk drawers are sweaty so you know the Kane is ready to go to work and my job for the evening is to pick up the microphone and rap to relieve them The party society, groovin in a high anxiety There's dancers by the variety, so go 'head and try it G As I do body work like Midas And I can remove the slightest, case of arthritis or even rhumabotosis as I heal you with the rhythm cause the remedy for the party people standin around is ummm dancin and havin a ball So live life like Michael Jackson, +Off the Wall+ And wiggle your bodyparts, and start to party hard Lettin the rhythm run through like a trolley car Here's a sound you can get into Uhh, and now it's on you Chorus [Kane] Right right Now just hold on for a second baby I gotta put my shades on for this Yeah, we gonna keep this here broken down for a while and just toss it up like a French salad, yaknahmsayin? Umm, aiyyo Bob I need you to pump that bass to the FULLEST Hold on Mike, we gonna get to you in a second Bret Lover I need you over here on the side of me for a minute Ahh, I want you to get a little piece of this here, okay baby? Groove Groove with it (36X)

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