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I hear the dog is barking tonight The first foot forward is the right The blood in the sands and the broken crutch The blood on my hands whose magic touch? Yeah, yeah my, my, my, -gasoline is burning Yeah, yeah, my, my, my, Listen to the mother cry Yeah, yeah, my, my, my - gasoline is burning Yeah, yeah, my, my, my, - listen to the mother cry Be-bop-a-lula That's our gravy train To the place where desperation reigns Be-bop-a-lula Deliver me from evil For slime is this kingdom The incubus waiting to fly I've been ground down honey I've been wound round your little finger I hear the dog is fighting tonight The first fist forward is the right I see the would of lies through Judas' eyes My life in your hands, your knife in my glands Be-bop-a-lula That's my gravy train To the place where desperation reigns Be-bop-a-lula Break the daisy chain The is the place where Desperation rains Down Down Down Down

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