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By the pricking of my thumbs Something wicked this way comes Look down that bloody street for bloody Miles and blood miles where bloody Feet have sought a trail of dreams that Now lie broken on some bloody stake That is branded ojo por ojo And runs beside it, there, in the Deep and dark beyond the liquid Corruption and the human fungus Lies the reeking sewer that is a mind Where the lesion hides a lesson Where stigmata turns to stigma Cries crescendo to cantata The whiplash of suffering full in the face And in that place there is no cross No crown, no sacred ground All is done and left unsaid How the tongues are ripped The people bled and there it is Written on the slug that is lead Killing is company so step right up and Ride the rubber road to freedom This is the blow off descarca ultima melodie versuri cuvintele. Versuri descarca piesa cuvinte Pig descarca Ojo Por Ojo cantece cuvintele piesa muzica straina.

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