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The Force Majeure Lyrics On shift from 9 to 5 then from 6 to 3 steals the soul machine forever tuning class rebellion under noses the boss is feeding on the living corpses their broken backs call for us to rise but for now we'll all just smile and sympathize denied movement now lost replaced by fear we ask nothing less then settle for nothing more behold the capitalists bathing in the blood of the working class martyrs bleed until spoken to vultures get fat from the harness coup revolution another empty promise of the leftist elite frustration another soul is crushed under the rulers feet and as the boot is forced into their teeth our safety is their defeat your station has been assigned your rebellion will be confined tired doctrines killing just as many as he leaders they decry their backs all well patted for a job well done without the shackles callused hands and drying hearts rise up and destroy the disease that stole your soul

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