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A distant whisper touched my sleep - A longing for the reason Before my spell will set you free - meet me again so bitter sweet. The Springtime's all renewing lights Unvailed to me a crawling ant As unimportant as it seemed Still lit worlds noone could see. Days passed years my gaze remained on glimpses of this tiny life It cannot be - no never no - not human - so low and imprisoned in its time. So shall I break the ancient rule? Shall shame fall on untroubled life? Am I the first to take this step? Risk all I have for what I only feel? I swung my cape over your body My silverish sting scratched your heart. On behalf of Love I screamed - you died. and left the vail on shadow's ground. In coming minutes - years or lives I drank forbidden wine alot Looks - dreams and all was tempting me To drain too much; still wanting more. So dazzled as it left me standing Amidst those sunshine thunderstorms So unprepeared I was and wondered Forgot that things can have a heart. The times we had were only mine My will unbeaten in the skies Broke shattered by this tiny plant I picked from a rocky-water-ball. So shall I rhyme this ancient spell? Shall lips form these forgotten words? Save the pawn to lose the queen? Wake the fool and fool myself? Divide us now my ancient spell Take memory from this chosen one I envy you: for you a dream For me the ever lasting pain. The empress so everhigh will wander spheres - can never die The ant will crawl untouched by those Just stand under - not understand - at all. Hast thou seen this looking gass of her's. She found though no one forced this step? Are you willing to play your part? Or shallst in darkness fall again? I have not seen - yet have I felt The looking-glass that broke the spell I join again to fit my part. And play The Game until the end. ultima melodie The Empress cuvinte muzica straina piesa melodiei ultima melodie Dreams Of Sanity. melodiei versuri versuri asculta.

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