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Versuri Blade Of Doom

A flashing blade of ancient times my hands were clenched around its heel an evil wizard's spell would leed my life to bitter endless nights For as it was cursed to drink the blood of any human living thing for once a day or even more - or it would slay the keeper dead So I was bound to keep clear of those I loved for I could never know when the blade returns to life and guide my hands to harm a friend The last words I tell to warn you now sre not to touch the blade so it can never drown the blood from any living man [Ref.:] The fights were many that I won but never did I know Whom my way might cross again and whom I'll lose by sword

Dreams Of Sanity versurile melodia versuri muzica asculta descarca. Descarca melodia muzica straina melodia album muzica Blade Of Doom melodia versuri.

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