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Versuri The Abominations Of Those Virtuous

The Abominations Of Those Virtuous Lyrics We rely on subtle points and stabs at biting humor to reveal our tired roles of slave and domination who did you enlighten today humiliate to sell your point of view create and image for mass consumption insecurities as intellect see your soul in your eyes hope your trophies will not mind I'm sick of this grain of salt that I must take you with I want to lash out but I bite my lip the talk gets older and the lines get stale your chance at godliness has already failed you can't deny your thirst and drive for your time in the spotlight why are you so damned sure that you shut your friends out I have learned to shut out every hateful word you'll never see the friends you've lost from behind your transparent mask I haven't grown to hate you I've just grown to forget you you label me class rank and station your intellectual masturbation you're absolutely intoxicated with your own mouth running in circles your tongue always tends to lose it every chance you get you abuse it you have now spent a lifetime killing time I'm sick and tired of your reaction why don't you shut the fuck up and when you discover just how easy it is to impress without demanding attention for no reason maybe you'll believe me your own will to power has come back to haunt you

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