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The hands on the clock seem to stick to the face But the seconds are turning to minutes And minutes to days I try not to look at the grin on it's face But I know that it knows that I gotta get out Of this place Time to close the day Time to lock the door time to greet the street I'm so happy I'm walking on air People staring but I don't care Taxi, call a taxi, yellow taxi, taxi taxi Don't take the subway don't go that way 'snot a safe way don't go that way Gotta cross town don't want trouble Got to get there on the double She'll be waiting I'll be running She'll be thinking I'm not coming I can't wait to talk to you Tell you what I'd like to do We'll find a little restaurant A little vino for the ambiance In the candlelight we're holding hands Time flies when you really Don't want it to The waiters are staring at me But I've only got eyes for you Leave us alone we don't wanna go home Put your chairs on the tables We can let ourselves out when you've gone Time to take your home Time to say goodnight We don't wanna part Let's be together tonight Let's be together tonight Taxi, call a taxi, yellow taxi, taxi taxi Don't take the subway don't go that way 'snot a safe way we'll go our way Gotta cross town back to my place Pull the shades down screw the rat race We're alone now undercover Hang the sign out don't disturb Now I'm really close to you Tell you what I want to do I wanna take you to a tropical place Beneath the stars I'll see the love in your face In the pale moonlight We're holding hands Following the footprints in the sand It's been a hell of a day in the city Now it's time to get away versuri cantece ultima melodie muzica cuvinte Taxi! Taxi! melodiei versuri A Perfect Murder. Mp3 descarca muzica straina.

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