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Martin Luther B.B. King You had a dream and you make us swing Doctor Winston J.F.K. You had a dream but they blew you away Americana panorama Big apple rice banana Bit but keep your backs against the wall Pretzel logic does apply Oh fast food junk food gets you by You got delis diners southern fries And burgen queens with hungry eyes That's Americana panorama Aerobatic instant karma Run but do your jogging in the car Tricky didn't make it But his part deserves an oscar When he proved that you can fool the people all the time And from the Rockies to the Hudson Everybody loves a winner Turn a blind eye to corruption While the nation grows Oh oh I feel the pressure rising You're on top of the world but it's about to blow Do you know what you're doing? Do you know? Take a look at what you've done You are the shape of things to come It's science fiction coming true You can shoot the stars it's up to you Americana panorama Living in a TV drama Turn it off and make the dream come true Oh oh Americana panorama Living in a TV drama Turn it off and make the dream come true

Asculta muzica melodiei muzica A Perfect Murder muzica versuri versuri. American Panorama album cuvinte muzica straina cuvinte.

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