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Words: Adu Music: Adu, Matthewman Grandma came to see something she could not believe How could her girl be so naive Tar baby, tar baby told the secret she conceived Oh, that big old smile of yours could turn the wind into a song How could I have doubted honey it's with me that you belong Tar baby, tar baby I love you so (I love you) Like a brand new blade you cut into my life Cut through two decades like a hot coal on ice Tar baby, my tar baby it maybe, was meant to be When I look at you I can't believe my eyes And with your magic I think you just might charm the birds out of the skies Tar baby, tar baby came good out of grief A golden thread inside of the web that I got caught in Oh, it's a lover's revenge, but out of the pain come the best things you see You cut into my life You cut into my life (baby baby baby baby don't you know that) You cut into my life (I love you) You cut into my life La la la la la ooh You can turn the wind into a song La la la la la baby baby baby It's with me you belong

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