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Words: Adu Music: Adu, Matthewman Jezebel wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth She probably had less than every one of us But when she knew how to walk she knew how to bring the house down Can't blame her for her beauty She wins with her hands down Jezebel, what a belle Looks like a princess in her new dress How did you get that? Do you really want to know she said It would seem she's on her way It's more, more than just a dream She put on her stockings and shoes had nothing to lose - she said it was worth it Reach for the top and the sun is gonna shine Every winter was a war she said I want to get what's mine Jezebel, Jezebel won't try to deny where she came from You can see it in her pride and the raven in her eyes Try show her a better way she'll say you don't know what you've been missing and by the time she blinks you know she won't be listening Reach for the top she said and the sun is gonna shine Every winter was a war she said I want to get what's mine

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