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The diesel is so nice I just need something The barometer's falling down, I feel so sultry Something is simmering and boiling inside me If I ignore it and squeeze out laughter I charge up with a typhoon, hurricanes and storms I just need the diesel I just find the smell I just sniff it and I can feel the harbour just close by I just try to sniff the diesel but I can't A tide with an undertow, the sea is swelling Impatience makes me foam A wave inside me forces out big words They splash and sprinkle An angry torrent breaking loose, a flush or rushing joy The diesel, It just makes me feel It just fills my veins so quickly I don't know why it just does I'm down by the harbour A cigarette would be ideal Then I remember that the diesel... And I can't help it, I'm exploding again I'm calling weather station NOMAD And satellite NIMBUS It's a blizzard inside me, a bomb ticking This is the tidal wave Here comes the tidal wave.

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