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Came from the east Relative forgot To scrape away Land in south Exhausted engine No teeth No chance to stop Meet Johnny Came from the east Like the sun But with tired engine Regina otherwise magnificent Regina in good bloom As old as the sun With white teeth Land on islands Meet Johnny Examine my red Basalt cluster Bottomless dust, terrific sun And wetting quite nicely thankyou I do say nicely I do mean that Actually Blow into the chastity belt Regina, Regina, Hex and bitch and Deserves lobster and fame.. Oh, Johnny, Teeth and gums In my life Moon and sun In my life Lobster and shrimp In my life I don't really like lobster Regina is too old But the sun is much older Still the sun with white teeth But Mrs R. with none Sun with false teeth Give me lobster and fame! I really don't like lobster!

Muzica straina muzica asculta asculta muzica versurile Diverse mp3 cantece cuvinte. Versurile versuri melodiei versuri piesa Bjork cantece REGINA.

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