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Science brings gifts of convenience To the modern man Modern man then continues Continues to expand But what happens when man creates Something oh so wrong Nature bites back in a big way Good heavens what have I done! (Bridge) I kept it in a box I watched it grow a lot It chewed right through the lock And ate all the new kids on the block. A scientist creates a beast In a secret laboratory Nature plots revenge It's blood that it seeks That's where we begin our story! (chorus) The Cat with 2 Heads Whoa, the Cat with 2 Heads! College brought education To this privileged man High school diploma A science major with a government grant Four years later an experiment To mutate domestic pets It turned into a nightmare So lock your doors Hide your hot dogs This cat's upset (Bridge) Society's been so good to me My parents paid for my college education Majoring in biotechnology Created a beast and now it's after me! I was in my labritory creating what i thought would be we something great for the world, a two headed cat you can pet one kitty's head and pet the other kitty's head, but little did i know the power of atomic energy would creat a twoheaded man eating monster! (chorus) x2 Two heads..... of terror!

The Aquabats asculta descarca muzica straina. ultima melodie versuri album THE CAT WITH TWO HEADS melodiei versuri album melodia versurile.

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