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Hey big fella I see you're outta jail You got a brand new hat You're walking big You're walking tall With your brand new baseball bat You've got your beeper You've got your gun And a whole bunch of cool tattoos Start fights at the pits at all the shows So everybody will look at you You're ignorant It's knowledge you lack You gotta fight everything you can A big puffy head, You're the Marshmallow Man Straight outta Compton Is your battle cry But you're from a suburban track Didn't your mom and daddy teach you That ghetto stuff is really whack? What happened to the little puffy-headed boy We all once knew? Marshmallow man you better watch yourself Before someone steps on you Check yourself before You wreck yourself A little man with a gun in his hand You're such a fool Big marshmallow man melodiei muzica The Aquabats. Piesa piesa asculta piesa mp3 muzica straina MARSHMELLOW MAN asculta muzica ultima melodie versuri ultima melodie versuri.

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