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There a good kind of pain And insane kinda sane (when I'm around you [2x]) There a chill in the heat Feel the sky at my feet cuz I adore you I cant ignore you [Chorus:] I'm not ill I don't need to Take a pill to fix what you do Cure can come through Cuz baby all I do is suffer from The symptoms of you There is a left kinda right There is a blind kinda sight Looking at you 2x There is no light in the moon and its winter in June When I'm without you [2x] [Chorus] And it trips me off my feet I think I'm falling in too deep Do you feel it too [Chorus 2x]

Album versuri melodia cuvinte Symptoms of you versuri melodiei muzica straina muzica. Piesa melodiei muzica Lindsay Lohan Diverse.

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