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[Whisper:] Speak speak speak your heart flow Everybody's got a point of view And the right to their own opinion Dont be scared of what I'm gonna do When you let me know your intuition No one makes you think That I wont get it No one makes you think that I wont get your love tonight [Chorus:] Speak your come and let it out Give it to me you know that I can take it Speak because the more you say the more I know I'm at ease Come on don't keep me waiting now I don't wanna guess, not a test, tell me what your thinking Keep it real, know we deal Tell me what your dreaming Speak let it out... Breathe [Whisper:] Speak uh straight from your hart It cant be wrong it can only be right Just show me what you are feeling You'll be surprised that how easy it is Just open up its so healing So what makes you think that I wont get it So what makes you think that I wont get your love tonight. [Chorus] [Whisper:] Speak uh straight from your hart You gotta let it out [2x] [Parts of Chorus and chorus full 2x]

Lindsay Lohan album melodia cantece Speak. Cuvintele muzica album mp3 versuri versuri asculta Diverse piesa muzica straina.

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