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i know you know every desperado and sharp shooter in the west you say that i can't see behind the mask of those who call themselves the good guys in this who take and take "so are you with me or not you say this time decide" balmy days sweet sangria she's been gone have you seen her se?orita shyly turning away leaving me our fading flame yeah you think you that what you believe in it matters now to you and me what you believe in i'm takin' in i said i'm takin' in what you believe in it matters now to you and me before sundown the mexicans leave san antone the car will then drop him at the border the breaking point i know your people have suffered time and time again but what about i ask you now the innocents on both sides balmy days so you give me a no window i ask you, give me a bloodless road tell me why does someone have to lose?

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