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And through the life force and there goes her friend On her Nishiki it's out of time And through the portal they can make amends Hey would you say whatever we're blanket friends Can't stop what's coming Can't stop what's on its way And through the walls they made their mudpies I've got your mind I said She said I've your voice I said you don't need my voice girl You have your own But you never thought it was enough of So they went years and years Like sisters blanket girls Always there through that and this There's nothing we cannot ever fix I said Can't stop what's coming Can't stop what's on its way Bells and footfalls and soldiers and dolls Brothers and lovers she and I were Now she seems to be sand under his shoes There's nothing I can do Can't stop what's coming Can't stop what's on its way And now I speak to you are you in there You have her face and her eyes But you are not her And we go at each other like blank ettes Who can't find their thread and their bare Can't stop loving Can't stop what is on its way And I see it coming And it's on its way Prepared upright piano and vocal - Tori Amos Prepared by John Philip Shenale and Eric Rosse Mixed by Ross Cullum.

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