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Versuri Sweet Bird Of Truth

6 o'clock in the morning & i'm the last person in this plane still awake Y'know I can almost smell the blood washing against the shores, Of this land that can't forget its past. Oh the wind that carries this plane, is the wind of change, heaven sent and hell bent! over the mountain tops we go, just like all the other GI Joes EE-AY-EE-AY----adios! CHORUS This is your captain calling--with an urgent warning We're above the Gulf of Arabia--our altitude is falling & I can't hold her up--there's no time for thinking All hands on deck--this bird is sinking Across the beaches and cranes, rivers and trains all the money I've made--bodies I've maimed. Time was when I seemed to know, Just like any other GI Joe Should I cry like a baby, or die like a man While all the planets like wars start joining hands, Oh what a heaven--what a hell!! Y'know there's nothing can be done in the whole wide world. I don't know whats wrong or right, I'm just a regular guy, with bottled up insides, I ain't ever been to church or believed in Jesus Christ but I'm praying that Gods with you when you die!!!

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