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Can't love or be loved Can't touch or be touched And he's lonely He can't love or be loved Can't touch or be touched Yes he's lonely And now he's all stressed up With nowhere to go He's drunk 25 pints of Amoco Numbness. Voidy Numbness Got the Numbness v-v-v-Voidy Numbness Another drink, another girl Another life in another world He's a phony Well, well, he ain't superstitious But he's feeling mighty strange That rinkle, tinkle tink Of no-one on the phone again Again! Quit drinking the drink Jump on the train He gotta watch the rain beat upon the rain He gotta feel his shame beat upon his shame He gotta know his pain by it's real name Know his pain by it's real name Numbness v-v-v-Voidy Numbness

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