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[Verse 1:] How many dimes you done dropped the same lines to Played games and lied to got inside ooh Don't even want to think about it Somebody tried to tell me all them games you played around wit' You tellin the truth doubt it Did you ever really keep it real when it counted I release myself and roll out Said ya'd never lie but ya sold out Before ya know it I'm gone With short notice cuz I played them games way too long I'm movin on movin up movin out Sit and think about why you losin out Missed ya chance to experience real romance Now I'm workin the club while you save the last dance Standin there wit' ya hand out Had me fooled for a minute but time just ran out [Chorus:] Ay yo I swear to you Sarai what up I would never dare lie OK I believe you Swear to you Sarai you the only girl in my life OK I believe you [Verse 2:] Yeah OK I believe you better get it through your thick head That I don't need you Phone calls wit' the hang-up Or it's ya boys wit' an invite to a chick's house you could go gang up Tag team hittin girls from rag team The rat heads boost ya ego to a fat head Comin wit' lies I don't deserve saw you as the center of my earth I see you know just dirt What's it worth for me to stick around and see you lie Right to my face and it's supposed to be alright Well it's not and I've had enough Hit the whammy dog should've stopped pressin your luck I used be like what's up baby now I'm like what Used to drive me crazy now I'm just nuts Used to wanna hear you talk now I'm like shut up Used to care now I don't give a fuck [Chorus Repeat] [Hook:] I would never lie to you-Stop Never lie to you-Please Never lie to you-OK-never never never So I'm the only one right Well who keep pagin you at like 2 every night Claim I'm the love of your life well how it go Out of mind when you out of sight so When I step away it's like the wifey get away You start spittin game askin for the number and name of every dame That walk by so I dead it see the chalk line Hop on hers you off mine now if ya don't mind I got somewhere to be That'd be anywhere that you're not next to me I have no desire to waste my time on liars Kill all the noise like a hitman for hire You had it let it go now ya want this Gotta break out leave ya heart broke like ya promise I could've forgiven you everyone makes mistakes But I only deal wit real and you fake [Chorus repeat x2 and hook x2]

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