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Im about to shock the world Bring it to ya now Jaws drop when you see this girl Big like whoa gotcha shook like I ain't know Girls that look like that could flow Causin chaos Sarai off the richter now Spit it from the heart drop it in proper style Got you shakin and bumpin E'rybody on the floor if you workin' with somethin' Vibe go right through ya Ooh what that groove do to ya Sound so sick through the stereo Flamin' out the box scaldin' hot Ice water couldn't stop hits burnin' ya block Edgy pop lil' rock wit that real hip hop Till ya body drop gotta pause to breathe Got those that didn't believe rockin wit me now I know you can't handle me I know ya'll aint ready for me This chick here ya'll bout to see gon change the situation I know you can't handle me I know ya'll aint ready for me Got ya'll up now waitin' to see Ya'll ain't really ready for me Ow and didn't even see me comin Beats steady bumpin I just broke em' off somethin' See em' frontin wit a whole lotta nothin' Like they was doin they thing but really wasn't See I ain't pressed for the spot light Camera keep flashin while I'm stuck at the stop light Yo what the hell just happened All ya'll followin' me just for rappin' Dam I got the world in a frenzy Haters gon' envy that don't offend me Wit' ya little attitude please don't tempt me Get ya gassed just to leave ya tank empty I ain't gon come if you sweat me If ya really want ya got to come and get me Dog I make ya shake and twist drop and bounce And repeat the hook that I spit out On 22s peelin pull up to the clizzub it's packed to the ceilin Bunch of guys goin off like lil' girls on the side showin off like ATL in the house be the teens wearin jeans rockin gold in they mouth Kingston upstate New York Lil' place up North where the style is raw Hit me up 2-way or the celli 6-4s when I roll out to LA comin to a party near you no matter where I go its about what I do now that ya know that im bringin' it let me know what's up tell me if you feelin it one time now back to the song everybody hands up back and forth sing along now

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