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(John Farrar) A child and a fool in one So sure I could need no one My heart always on the run to nowhere Now as you're holding me My heart is reminding me That now I could never be without you But how can our love succeed A miracle is what we need And so I appeal to you Keep me suspended in time with you Don't let this moment die I get a feeling when I'm with you None of the rules apply But I know for certain Goodbye is a crime So love if you need me Suspend me in time Wasted the time away Holding your love at bay Now I can't last a day without you Your smile is a thrill to see Your eyes hold me tenderly They'll shine in my memory forever

Melodiei versuri melodia melodia muzica Olivia Newton John. Diverse mp3 Suspended In Time melodiei album asculta versurile asculta album versuri melodia muzica straina.

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