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Versuri Warm And Tender

(Olivia Newton-John/John Farrar) Warm and tender is my prayer for your world That I surrender to my girl All my life I've waited for the angel you are You're the dream that I knew you'd be And I love you completely my Chloe/Chloe Warm and tender--I will color your days With smiles and friends along the way From the silver morning To the blue velvet night Through it all you can count on me And I love you completely my Chloe/Chloe I'll make you a world to grow in Where you will be safe and free I'll save you a greener world Where you can be Warm and tender you will heal all the world Your touch can mend a mother's heart Everyday I'm thankful for the blessing you are You're the future, the hope we need And I love you completely my Chloe/Chloe/Chloe/Chloe

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