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Girl I feel you trembling in my arms Tell me what is wrong I know somebody hurt you, didn't stay And took your faith away Broke your heart, let you down The love you thought you found But that was then, and this is now I gotta make you believe somehow [Chorus] Girl, don't be afraid to put your trust In someone who Who will love you, love you completely Take the time, do it right Make you forget those tears you cried It'll be alright Have no fear, your superman is here Don't let life slip by you Give me a chance, come and take my hand Let my love surround you, throw away The pain of yesterday Girl you've gotta try to put the past behind Cause now i'm in your life It's destiny, girl can't you see God sent you here to me [Chorus] You don't have to be alone no more my baby Just try to forget about the things that made you crazy I'll be right there when you fall Anytime at all [Chorus]

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