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Why are you taking so long You know the weather's already changed and No need in talking too much About the situation that happened And I know it's implicitly said when I say I don wanna argue no not today And I tell you there's nothing left to say Let me be free and fly away Sometimes I wish I could fly Spread my wings and soar away And I'd never return back to this Crazy love life that always pushed Me away You know I loved you so much But there's no need for me to keep waiting No longer can you be trusted I finally gave up on this love matter And I really hate to leave but in this case You broke my heart and now I feel this way And I know somebody else taking my place Unfortunately I know I can't stay {Chorus (2x)} I'm telling you this time I don't need you no more Tell me baby, what makes you do the things you do that Makes me wanna be free? and all those times you lied to me About the simple things, baby, I need my space to fly away, away

Cuvinte asculta Shawn Desman cuvintele cuvintele versuri. Album melodia muzica straina Spread My Wings melodia ultima melodie cuvinte cuvinte asculta versuri.

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