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[Intro] Oh shit, it's the Phantom baby With the Brown Bomber, baby Smoke Records, muthafucka MCA, 2000, uh-huh [Pop Da Brown Hornet] It's only Pop and I'm hangin MC's like a stockin Leavin them no option, throwin the towel Or gettin they face boxed in No time for B.S.'in, second guessin, all that's outta the question I'm here to terrorize, make rappers apologize I refuse to lose, I'm beat, battered and bruised Now that I'm on, fuck payin dudes Fuck all of youse, I'm bad news to goody two shoes Who be finger snappin and toe tappin I'm that kid that keep it crackin, cuz I'm what's happenin I love this game with a passion, stop askin How do you like me now, that I'm the last one laughin Hole fucked up, puffin on Alaskan Hundred miles an hour, eyes closed, without crashin Constantly, I gotta flip they wig For I'm the kid, that got the state pumpin in they trips CD, cassette, car, jeep, chopper or plane Girls screamin my name, it's all part of the game No sloppy copies, it's ya black Poppy Rollin in between the sheets, been missin for weeks Chorus 2X: The sun neva chill, I melt down ya ice grill Cats be coolin down, I neva had, I neva will I refuse to stop, look around the rock That's why no one can do it quite like MC Pop [Pop Da Brown Hornet] Ladies and gentlemen, feel the adrenaline rush Two triple oh, from poor to plush Started workin out, I went from gut to cuts Now when they see me it be ooh and ahh Before they used to call me a wanna be rap star Now they tellin stories on how we used to hang And how they encouraged me to keep doing my thing Funny how non believers, wanna take the credit They so pathetic, but me don't sweat it I stay focus, they hocus pocus Disappear in the struggle, reappear when ya bubble Where was you in my time of need Now you smell success, you stick around like creed To smoke up all the weed, ya drink up all the Guinness Don't wanna leave until everything finish Same muthafucka who curse ya name Be the same muthafucka who soft you for ya gleam Then tell me, Don't complain, it's part of the game Chorus 2X [Pop Da Brown Hornet] Brown Bomber, Kid Dynamite What you want? House squad, I'm here to clean out the pipe Here to make it right, make sure the rhymes keep flowin Minds stay blowin, my jobs are constantly showin How to do that deal like the All I Seeyin Rappers get scared, they start Caller I.D.'ing Afraid to get the message there career's been terminated And Pop Da Brown has officially graduated into the ranks of top contention And while I'm here I have to give mention to my mom, my dad, they knew the time Other leaders get the dick, your world was mine Stripped of ya shine, know you just as bright as a bird Haven't you heard, heard, heard Chorus 2X [Outro] Aiyo Stapleton, Park Hills New Brighton, West Brighton, Jungle Nills Aiyo, peace to the Rock Word is bond, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx For real, for sure, uptown, 2 thous I melt down ya ice grill, neva had neva will That's why no one can do it quite like MC Pop cuvinte versuri. cuvintele muzica Pop Da Brown Hornet Sun Neva Chill versuri muzica muzica straina.

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