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[Intro] What's goin on world? It's Pop Da Brown Hornet Chillin wit Black, Blackstreet, Chauncey This song is dedicated to, inspired by Brother of mine, Poo Johnson My love baby, this for you [Pop Da Brown Hornet] A childhood friend of mine, was shot to death I visioned his body, fo' they lay him to rest The autopsy showed he was hit in the head, in the chest Weakened the strip, straight thru his flesh Whoever responsible will see the judge I hold no grudge, I fight evil with love I hear no evil, and I see non either Comin from believin the creator As a juvenile, I would often sit and wonder Starin out the window at the lightning and thunder Will they better days for mom dukes and me, at birth She wrapped up her dreams and gave them to me Genetically, I could feel the energy Pullin me towards my destiny, it was meant to be Eventually, it'll all pay off If you want it bad enough, you gotta give what it costs Chorus: Chauncey Hannibal Every woman, every man To spread the news across the land Stand up, stand up, stand up Everybody, there has to be a better plan Stand up, stand up, stand up [Pop Da Brown Hornet] Nothin in life for free, not even death Can know and at em, cut out to be the best With we form mistakes, no one was born perfect Be careful who you love, because they might no deserve The knowledge that I drop, pure enough to worship As for Pop the individual, I'm just a mere mortal I'm trying to make it out of poverty Buy some property, build for the family Establish and establishment Put the proceeds I receive from entertainment All I want is love-love, so I can retire the all black knockout glove And just touch you in the mental, reach the next level Weed out the devil, assemble the puzzle Blow up a 8X10 so you can see the big picture Take care of self, we can all get richer Chorus [Pop Da Brown Hornet] Yo, any day could be our last, a world full of psychopaths Learn ya math, or you just might crash How to reality and into insanity In this cold world we can't even trust family Nowhere to turn when you stuck in between a Concrete jungle and a pack of hyenas Scavenger huntin, ain't no time for frontin Brothers in the street with nothin Always tryin to take somethin from somebody They usually pray on the week, sacrifice a life cuz somehow they gotta eat No regrets when actin out threats It's a different world when growin up inside the Projects Outsiders get hawked by night riders You bound to get game in a world full of liars You gotta stand firm on shaky grounds Yo Chauncey, break it down for Da Brown Chorus 3X

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