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Versuri Sumerland (What Dreams May Come)

your tempting me to all of life and all its pleasure take me to the dream to the highs and the depths of my soul here we free thoughts inside giving up for giving time but a world without end where no soul can descend there will be no sumertime how lost lifes been afraid of waking up so afraid to take the dream shapes of angels the night casts lie dead but dreaming in my past and they're here they want to meet you they want to play with you so take the dream can't break free and I hear them call they want to plague you they're here once more they want to lay with you they want to take you to the shame of your past take the dream take me lead me far away take me there I'll fade away but I can't hide and I cannot die I take the dream we're but fools of our fate on this earth I shall wait by the roots of my soul I am loosing control take the dream the sleepers in you shapes of angels so deep within you feel your soul drowning unloosen your soul drowning in waters of reality tell me what is reality tell me tell me thought of god do dreams fall from god tell me what dreams may come break free thoughts all gone we've all come down take me there you're my ticket out a here all come down take me out a here take me there

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