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Moonchild... Well it's a righteous dream Out of mind A righteous dream Out of mind Is it right just dreaming Out of my day Take your horses Let them crawl Put them in their cages That's righteous for your soul Open your eyes Despite what seems Longevity That's a righteous part of me Moonchild Lower me down, lower me down Moonchild Lower me down down down down down down Well it's a righteous day Out of mind A righteous day Never return, I'm waiting no more They take no prisoners in the promised war I'll die for this I'll die for this Take it away Moonchild Take off for safer places Can't you see You're losing me Well I'm listening to an empty hall You can't see for they've burned before They take me down to the window shame Longevity hear my fame Moonchild

Muzica straina ultima melodie cuvinte Moonchild. Asculta mp3 piesa versuri descarca Fields Of The Nephilim versuri asculta.

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