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Another day. Another clean break. Another cigarette and I think I'm gonna be okay. Some other way. Some other mistake. Some reason saying that you're never gonna stay. You are the plug and I am the socket. You are the rock and I've come to rock it. You see the truth when I bring the bullshit. You make me whole when I'm feel alone, yeah. (CHORUS) Hands to tha, hands to the sky, yeah. Why you gotta go roll by me? Hands to tha, hands to the sky, yeah. Why you gotta go, why you gotta go now. Cracked in two. I'm in you. I'm standing on this bridge and you're to blame. Count to two, subtract you. I'm jumpin from this bridge and you're to blame. Let's get away. Let's give in tonight. Let's put the blanket on the sand and I think we'll be allright. Inside a place. I know you're all mine. Inside a crowded room, your smile reminds me I'll be fine. You are the drug and I'm feeling higher. You sell your soul and I am the buyer. You're a b-boy record, and I am the DeeJay. Do what you want, when I want it my way. (CHORUS) (x a few)

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