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You are my leading lady, and I really wanted to say that you have some fine moves baby I hope that we can Groove again someday and I canât forget the days when we danced all our troubles away Fly daze, coming in waves And the time rolls but disco remains And the guys do it up with Travolta flair and all the girls got Farah Fawcettâs hair Where nothing will compare to the Huggy Bear style and the Bee Geeâs drop the bomb that makes you go wild And you get what you need on love boats bays where your souls in complete cause these are fly days Fly daze, coming in waves And the times rolls but disco remains And Shaggy fights crime on a scooby snack so get down tonight shake your booty make contact Cause DJâs kick down like Grandmaster Flash and Chrissy smoked up all of Jack Tripperâs hash Where Bosley sneaks a peak as the angles play and your soul is set free cause these are fly days

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