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Gordy's lightin fires smoking dope slashing tires Brian Giffens lyin about the girls he's pullin in Rabbit's smoking crack sayin I got a problem Drinking too much and doin heroin Skinhead Lori got the glory Pasta's bass a different story Benny stole the sign right off the club caravan Becker got a job Erin went out on the nod Knucklehead went to jail again A subterranean perfume come a creepin round my nose I know I'm with the creetins and deceitful lyin whores I walk along these avenues for all of them I own A destitute hopeless man with barely any clothes Packs of lies like animals keep me runnin the night Well I've withstood a decade in the vulture's line of sight When the rivers of the innocent begin to overflow I wait there for the spirits and I eat them to the bone Well there's a carnival of souls in the factory cells Where the false prophets promise you Heaven and Hell I scourge the underbelly of the city's seedy side I monopolize in lawlessness deceitfulness and bribes I'm the Anti-Christ a Poltergeist I demand a sacrifice I ain't so nice so be advised pure instinct I've survived Mocking screams with laughter after you I'm comin after I'm the pariah that brings the rapture and the seals I've opened wide Robert showed up loaded got pissed and exploded Yellin at Wes the skin for spillin beer Terry Root came on in to calm it all down Said, c'mon man we all gotta be in here Dibble fought in his own war joined the Provo Marine corps Alicia's got a problem with her man again Gabe and Burl and some girl went to the end of the world Looking for weed from Joe Lenihan ...Hey! This is Lars over here... and I tell you what, I'm just as fucked up as all those guys. But you know, that's just the way I remembered it. The Skunx. Yeah, the crew, the Skunx. That song's for all you guys. You know, past, the present, the dead, the alive. I'll always remember you...

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