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Coco March morning northern California back in 1973 He grew up quick and told that he was nothing till the day he turned 16 Broke outta town though he left a trail of violence a mile wide No one knew little Jay Woods would end up Six Foot Five. Five days a week he's working late shift at the C.B.S. Lumberyard On the weekend he plays a little Rock And Roll on his 100 dollar bass guitar How do you survive on those nickels and dimes his mother once did say Put down your guitar get a good job cause Rock and Roll doesn't pay no it don't Skinhead Roots Reggae Rock & Roll on parole He said I don't wanna be more no fucking more Big Jay's got no problem unless you wanna start one I suggest that you don't Stay if you wanna make trouble he's quick to bust your bubble and send you on your way Bustin our jaws his friends are outlaws From their boots to their mutton chops Most hated crew you know that they are true to the punx in the bastards

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